Dangerous Goods Management

Safe management of dangerous goods transportation

There are more than 3,300 entries in the international list of dangerous substances that require special handling during transportation. Not all of these classified materials are known for their dangerous properties. Being well-informed about the goods that your employees come into contact with is essential for safe operations.

We are safety specialists with the expertise to provide comprehensive advice when it comes to dangerous goods management. We know that well-defined processes, thorough documentation and informed employees can make a difference for safe and successful operations. With our know-how, you can build a strong foundation for safety with systematic, effective dangerous goods management.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced risk and fewer accidents related to dangerous goods
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced safety, efficiency and performance
  • A reputation for safety that attracts customers and potential employees

Our Approach

Our consulting services encompass all aspects of dangerous goods management. Our experts are well-informed about international legal requirements and provide guidance in a number of ways.
  • Dangerous goods management services include consulting on processes and legal requirements; creation of dangerous goods handbooks and process and operations instructions; system implementation support; classification of dangerous goods.
  • Dangerous goods safety advisors are external specialists who can advise you on transporting dangerous goods regardless of mode of transport; whose duties can complement those of an internal dangerous goods safety officer, providing additional consulting on relevant topics; who can train and instruct employees; who can answer your classification questions; who can provide info sheets on dangerous goods topics; who can offer professional assessments and expertise.
  • Dangerous goods transport containers and packaging services encompass consulting on legal topics; assistance on formulating emergency and action plans; reminders to keep you on track with required inspections; reports and support with authorization processes; employee training.
  • Consulting on Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) topics, and new regulations and inspections regimes required by law.


  • We are respected safety experts and leaders in our field.
  • We have extensive experience as advisors to high hazard industries internationally.
  • We specialize in dangerous goods transportation, packaging, storage and management.