Batteries Are Everywhere - So Are Their Hazards

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As battery use expands across sectors, it promises cleaner, greener energy. At the same time, it’s important to recognize that batteries also come with risks. They can both cause and aggravate fires if proper preventive measures are not in place.

With the proliferation of battery use, fires caused by batteries as well as those aggravated by their presence are multiplying. It can almost seem like “another day, another battery fire” based on media coverage and Internet videos where firefighters try to extinguish battery-induced flames. Battery fires occur in many industrial sectors and in everyday objects: in cargo, on boats, in planes, in cell phones, laptops or electric vehicles.
Many national and international regulations and standards address battery safety, in particular for e-mobility, targeting manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance, as well as battery transport. Unfortunately, however, as demonstrated by the examples presented here and by current statistics, existing standardization and regulation have failed to satisfactorily prevent accidents.
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