Whole Vehicle

Quality from the Beginning

Vehicle defects can lead to an endangering of the road traffic. To avoid this, tests on the whole vehicle and in the driving dynamics are crucial.
At our DEKRA Automobile Test Center, the focus is on the vehicle as a complete system. With the homologation/type approval and the driving dynamics testing of...
  • motorcycles,
  • cars,
  • trucks,
  • trailers,
  • agricultural and forestry machines,
  • self-driving work machines and trailer work machines,
  • and system and parts suppliers
...we ensure for manufacturers and importers that their vehicles, chassis, and driver assistant systems and other component meet the applicable and common regulations.
In this way, quality standards can already be involved in the development of new vehicles and accessories. In the process, the following is possible:
  • Testing and expertise for full and partial operating permit
  • Technical reports for ECE approvals
  • Type approvals of vehicles and vehicle parts
  • Expertise for vehicle parts for quality assurance and issue of type approvals
Further series tests (CoP) and series trials complete the offer. Spare or replacement parts are also homologized and tested by our DEKRA experts as per national and international directives.

Driving Dynamics and Measurement Technology at the DEKRA Test Oval and Lausitzring

An advantageous special feature of the DEKRA Automobile Test Center is its direct link to its own test and measurement tracks. In addition to a 5.8 km-long high-speed track with parabolic banked corners, the DEKRA Test Oval also has an ABS track (corresponding to ECE-R13, formerly directive 71/320/EEC, and ECE-R78, formerly directive 93/14/EEC) with five coverings (2 x wet asphalt, blue basalt, concrete, and plastic), an irrigated driving dynamics surface with a diameter of 150 meters, a slalom track of 300 x 30 meters, and an off-road course. In addition, there are various circuits and Grand Prix tracks for endurance runs and benchmarks.
Thus, in addition to the modern test modules, all the requirements are fulfilled in order to promptly perform driving dynamics tests pursuant to the relevant EC/ECE regulations, DIN and ISO standards, or guidelines of the vehicle manufacturers, as well as to compare products in the aftermarket segment. In addition, the DEKRA Test Oval has a completely equipped indoor area for all mechanical work and test preparations.
We are pleased that you are interested in our services relating to the whole vehicle.
You will find an overview of our services related to the whole vehicle below.
Vehicle type approval and homologationEC full operating license
General type approval for small series
Sample reports for single vehicle operating licenses
Vehicle parts, components, and accessoriesApproval tests
Approval tests pursuant to manufacturer specifications sheets
Integration tests
Driving dynamics testsTests to support development as per manufacturer specifications
Testing that driver assistant systems work
Quality assuranceConformity of production
Investigations into causes of damage
Ground for complaint
BenchmarkingDriving dynamics properties
Product comparisons on the aftermarket
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