Driver Assistant Systems

Driver assistant systems have long been an indispensable part of vehicle development. At the end of the day, the electronic helpers are able not just to detect critical driving and traffic situations at an early stage and provide warning about these, but also to actively intervene in what is happening at the right moment.

DEKRA has therefore focused on these kinds of assistance systems. In test processes, our experts analyze the impact of assistant systems, from the electronic stability program (ESP) to the adaptive cruise control to the lane departure warning system, brake assist, emergency braking assist, and turning assistant. Important here is that they work flawlessly throughout the car’s entire lifespan and that there are no sudden faults. To prevent this, the manufacturers must test the functional safety of the driver assistant technology pursuant to various safety standards (ADAS tests). Our DEKRA test site serves this purpose; here, each system can be tested under realistic conditions.

For improved road safety with which accidents on our roads can be simulated, tests are performed on pedestrian detection systems, emergency braking assists, and automated data exchange between vehicles, as well as data exchange with infrastructure facilities. For the testing of driver assistant systems in the area of pedestrian safety, a test facility in the form of a bridge was also set up at the DEKRA Automobile Test Center that reconstructs various scenarios from real-life accidents with pedestrians or cyclists, without causing damage to the test object.

We then pass on our experience and results, which we determine using state-of-the-art mobile measuring and evaluation systems, to the development of a wide variety of workshop and service-related test equipment as well as to the development of assistant systems by the manufacturers themselves. Thus, our DEKRA experts make a key contribution to better active safety on the roads.

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