Used car management & CPO program (Certified Pre-Owned)

Develop the CPO program to manage the used vehicle label in the network. Improve UV volumes and profitability for a car manufacturer.

Used vehicle
Used car management Certified Pre-Owned program

Why do Used car management & CPO program exist?

Improve used vehicle business through CPO programs and used vehicle management.
Used vehicles bring business to the dealer with new customers and after sales activities.
OEMs need to increase the volumes of dealer’s buyback purchases while adding value to their products.

Your benefits:

  • Increase used vehicle dealers sales and profit in the networks
  • Increase loyalty to the dealer, to the car manufacturer and the value of its products
  • Increase purchases from OEM (buy-back / company cars…)
  • Create awareness of existing offers of used vehicles
  • Focus the CPO program on the customer needs
  • Expand market shares. Improve trade-in
  • Make a motivated and profitable network

Our services cover:

  • Market benchmark: environment, customer expectations, positioning and best practices
  • Customer focus groups
  • NSC & dealers analysis, expectations, capacity and return on experience
  • Design Certified Pre-Owned program: customer promise, standards, handbook
  • CPO program analysis: performance assessment and best practices
  • Implementation in a market
  • Coaching the dealer
  • Establishing an analysis of the business management: Action plan, KPI monitoring, Valuation and OEM payback


DEKRA will

  • Provide international used vehicle specialists
  • Match customer expectations with dealer capacity (field experience)
  • Manage creation and implementation in the field
  • Certify automotive coach ISO17024
  • Have an international presence

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