Used Car Business Performance Improvement

Increase used car sales and profitability with the DEKRA ABC methodology

With the automotive industry facing changes and challenges worldwide, new car sales can be subject to greater fluctuation. Under these circumstances, used cars play a key role in maintaining profitability and sustainability for dealerships and networks. By optimizing the processes and procedures that support your used car business, you can access its potential and increase sales and profitability.

Fostering their used car business is a sustainable way for dealerships to attain solid profitability in uncertain times. In fact, considering new car distribution models as well uncertainties linked to global events, used car activity can be a strategic line of business for dealers and networks.
To improve your used car sales and profitability, our experts put their experience and industry knowledge to work for you. We analyze your status quo, then create a customized improvement plan to fill the gaps. With our DEKRA Advanced Blended Coaching methodology, we can target our interventions to help you reach your goals while maximizing your ROI. Areas of focus may include adjusting KPIs, diversifying sourcing or enhancing customer relationships.

Your Benefits

  • Professionalize a strategic line of business
  • Increase sales volume and ROI with our blended coaching methodology
  • Diversify sourcing channels
  • Optimize customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction
  • Expand your customer database

Our Approach

Our experts take a holistic approach to improving used car sales in your network or dealership, beginning with a comprehensive diagnosis of the status quo. This means taking a close look at:
  • Your overall business plan, with a detailed analysis and discussion of KPIs
  • Both sales and after sales revenue, plus an analysis of local and regional sales potential
  • Physical, financial and commercial structures and modus operandi
  • Your market share and marketing activities
  • An analysis of your company’s digitization status
The results of these diagnostics determine how we address areas of improvement such as developing digital marketing communication, employee coaching and training, optimizing processes and procedures, and supporting Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
We work with you to develop an action plan for your customized used car sales improvement project utilizing our Advanced Blended Coaching (DEKRA ABC) methodology. DEKRA ABC features a mixture of remote and in-person sessions as well as digital content and e-learning for greater customization and flexibility, consistent reinforcement of key concepts and an exceptional ROI. Our team is there to advise you strategically throughout implementation and to monitor results and progress.


  • We are a team of coaching experts and consultants certified according to ISO 17024.
  • We have extensive experience supervising successful projects with numerous manufacturer-bound dealer networks and independent used car dealerships.
  • We specialize in delivering customized coaching and training combining expertise and innovation (DEKRA ABC) to support your success and maximize your ROI.