Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program Design

Increased new and used car sales with a well-designed CPO program

As the automotive industry adjusts to ongoing transformations, improving your used car business can substantially boost revenues. The key is a combination of increased raw sales, attracting new customers and supporting after-sales activities. An effective Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program and optimal used car management help target these areas so that your business is more resilient in the face of change.

Profit margins are declining in new car sales and returns in after sales business are diminishing. Under these circumstances, it’s smart to strengthen your used car management strategy and CPO program, which enable you to maintain and improve sales while harnessing residual brand value.
As automotive industry experts, we can help you reach regional and national sales potential with more efficient processes, streamlined inventory management and professional lead management. The DEKRA Advanced Blended Coaching (DEKRA ABC) methodology allows us to target our support according to your needs using a mixture of in-person and virtual interventions for an exceptional ROI. Our focus is the long-term success of your business, with sustainable improvements in sales figures and revenues.

Your benefits:

  • Increase used car sales, B2C activity and residual values with support from our experts and the DEKRA ABC methodology
  • Attract new used car clients with competitive offers and services and retain workshop customers
  • Optimize and standardize price positioning
  • Increase sale of financing and insurance packages and accessories
  • Optimize customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction

Our Approach

We understand the importance of a holistic approach when designing an effective CPO program. That’s why we start with a comprehensive market and benchmark study to assess opportunities and constraints. Based on our findings, we work with you on optimal positioning and help create a visual identity, keeping in mind the program’s products, services and customer promise to create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). In addition, we advise you on the development of merchandising, Point of Sale (POS) and communication products.
Next, our experts help you with the program’s structural elements. Together, we:
  • Define structure and conditions for dealers to become members of the program
  • Plan a program guide containing norms, standards and processes to be put in place
  • Develop steering tools to monitor the performance of individual dealers and the program as a whole
  • Support the development of the program website and car locator
We are at your side during program implementation, the certification of dealers and to monitor and control standards. A crucial part of a successful CPO is ensuring customer satisfaction, which means maintaining a focus on the customer experience and leveraging customer satisfaction. Coaching and training elements are delivered according to our Advanced Blended Coaching (DEKRA ABC) methodology, which combines in-person and virtual sessions and a range of modalities to ensure that assistance is precisely targeted, flexible and consistent. We carefully track progress and propose and carry out adjustments when needed.


  • We are a team of experts and consultants with extensive experience supervising successful projects with dealer networks and independent used car dealerships.
  • We have expertise in the automotive business and ISO 17024 certification.
  • We are a company with a culture of service focused on results, demonstrated by our DEKRA ABC methodology, developed to support improvement and deliver a strong ROI.