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Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy

DEKRA shares the envisioned future of the Hydrogen Economy and is a prominent facilitator of safe decarbonization. Check out our hydrogen-related services!

Hydrogen Economy

Green hydrogen is the fuel for a carbon-neutral future

Hydrogen technologies are poised to take on an indispensable role in global climate change control strategies, using green hydrogen as an emission-free or a synthetic fuel, as a universal energy storage option with applications ranging from auxiliary services to seasonal storage, and as a green feedstock solution for high-emission industries.

The phase-out from the fossil fuel economy in accordance with the Paris COP21 global climate change agreement can only be achieved through the implementation of a Hydrogen Economy as depicted in the graphics below. This means integrating the renewable power sector with the end-user energy sectors Mobility , Industry and Buildings via a Hydrogen-Infrastructure sector, the latter including production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen.

Hydrogen Economy

DEKRA offers a wide range of hydrogen related solutions

DEKRA shares the envisioned future of the Hydrogen Economy and is a prominent facilitator of safe decarbonization. We offer a wide range of hydrogen-related services and solutions to enable this transformation. And we are driven to further improve our hydrogen-related portfolio to offer a one-stop solution platform to our customers.

On the following pages, you will find useful information on the different sectors of the Hydrogen Economy and everything you need to know about our DEKRA services. If you cannot find what you need or have further questions, please contact us.

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