The Safety Challenges of Alternative Energy: Are we ready to manage risk exposures presented by green hydrogen?

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Green hydrogen and its derivatives represent a promising sustainable form of decarbonized energy use. At DEKRA, we are convinced that a robust process safety model is essential to the sustainable development of the green hydrogen industry at every stage of the product life cycle: from the construction and operation of production facilities to its transport, storage, distribution and use in the energy consuming mobility, industrial and building heat sectors.

  • Hydrogen Properties and Safety
  • Safety Management in the Green Hydrogen Industry
  • Safety in Design
  • Safety in Operations
  • Organizational Process Safety Diagnosis (OPS)
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
Learn from our experts:
PhD. Jesus Ceballos, Project Manager in Process Safety Management;
Michael D. Snyder, PE, CSP, CFEI, CFPS is the Vice President of Operational Risk Management for DEKRA North America;
Dr. Arturo Trujillo is Global Director of Process Safety Consulting
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