The Importance of Performing a Consistent and In-depth Hazardous Area Classification

Learn how to perform an effective Hazardous Area Classification

Any industrial process involving flammable substances or combustible dusts represents an explosion risk. This risk may arise from the process’s input materials, intermediate products, final products or waste materials. The first step in assessing explosion risk is to determine whether a hazardous explosive atmosphere can arise and under what circumstances.

Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) is a method of analyzing and classifying the environment where explosive atmospheres may occur and forms the basis for determining appropriate protective measures as well as their implementation.

In this webinar, our experts highlight the main aspects to consider when carrying out an HAC, which is the first step in determining a plant’s explosion risk and reducing that risk to tolerable levels. In addition, participants gain an in-depth perspective on the importance of performing the area classification in a consistent manner to ensure the selection of suitable protective measures.

Join two of DEKRA’s global experts as they explain the most relevant elements of Hazardous Area Classification and respond to your questions on the topic in this 3-hour webinar. Additional material such as presentations, transcripts etc. will not be supplied. For your convenience, the webinar will be delivered at two different times to accommodate participants from multiple time zones. We offer the webinars for €95 per webinar per participant.

Topics covered

  • Flammable substances and combustible dusts
  • Explosive parameters
  • Environmental conditions
  • HAC methodologies
  • Type and extent of zone
  • Explosion prevention and protective measures

Intended audience

This webinar is designed for anyone involved in plants handling flammable substances or combustible dusts, including engineering and consultancy companies.

Dates and times

25th February 2021

  • 10:00 am to 01:00 pm CET
  • 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm CET

Meet the trainers

Carlos Caro

Carlos Caro has over 8 years of experience in process safety consultancy. His main areas of expertise are Hazardous Area Classification (dust and gas), explosion protection documents, ATEX equipment certifications, SEVESO, HAZOP studies and SIL determination studies.

He is accredited IsmATEX trainer by ATEX Notified body INERIS.

DEKRA Expert

Richard Le Brigant has worked as a process safety consultant since 2011. He previously worked as a safety engineer in several organisations in both research and industrial environment in France and in the UK and has been leading risk analysis groups in several international projects.

His areas of expertise include gas and dust explosion (i.e. ATEX risk assessment), Process Hazard Analysis (HAZOP, PRA) and equipment commissioning (following risk analysis prescriptions) as well as incident investigation.

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