Employee Wellbeing Program

Boost Safety with Healthy Minds – Working on Wellbeing

A key factor influencing employee engagement, productivity and retention, wellbeing initiatives can help reduce absenteeism, turnover and healthcare costs. Encompassing aspects of physical, mental, emotional and social health, we tailor solutions to fit individual needs and preferences. Our modular wellbeing program is designed to help you strengthen the productive employees you need to succeed.

Your Benefits:
  • Improved employee engagement, productivity and resilience
  • Lower absenteeism, turnover and healthcare save time and resources
  • Increased employee loyalty and retention
  • Minimal risk for maximum workplace safety
  • A stronger brand and respected corporate reputation
  • Effective employee support for optimum results
Our Approach:
Our Wellbeing Solution Program empowers forward-thinking organizations to prioritize the wellness of all persons as the cornerstone of a safer, more productive and attractive workplace. By following our comprehensive program tailored to the needs of your company, you will unlock the potential for enhanced performance, lower accident rates, and a resilient workforce able to meet and exceed organizational goals. Together with experienced DEKRA advisors, you will create a culture where wellbeing is more than just a program, but rather a strategic advantage leading your company toward sustainable success.

Taking a holistic approach to employee wellbeing, we focus on four areas critical to good health and happiness throughout your business.
    Knowing where you stand allows you to swiftly and appropriately address issues unique to your business. Our preliminary assessment includes surveys, data analysis, focus groups, interviews and observations to determine the current state of your wellbeing culture.
    Why DEKRA?
    • We provide a modular program tailored to the needs of your company and geared towards sustainable success and ongoing optimization in the area of wellbeing.
    • Our team of seasoned experts provides effective leadership and workforce training as well as coaching sessions for real-life scenarios affecting your business.
    • Our program ensures compliance with regulations and standards whilst supporting you in achieving your company’s organizational goals.
    Most Frequently Asked Questions – DEKRA Employee Wellbeing Program
    1. What is mental wellbeing?
    Influenced by personal, social, environmental and professional factors, mental wellbeing is the state of feeling good and functioning well in different aspects of life.
    2. Why should wellbeing be a part of my corporate culture and workplace environment?
    3. What evidence do we have verifying wellbeing as a necessary part of a healthy business?
    4. How can implementing a wellbeing solution program help individual staff?
    5. How does making wellbeing a priority affect my workforce as a whole?
    6. How can investing in wellbeing measures benefit my business?