Equip EQF level 5 trainings for managers in the transport sector with inclusive teaching methods, tools and training material to ensure online and distance teaching and learning, continuous learner monitoring and the evaluation of learning outcomes (e-ManTRA).

The e-ManTRA project focuses on the Transport & Logistics (T&L) sector, which represents approx. 4% of the EU's gross national product and employs around 9 M people (~4.5% of EU employees). Its impact is substantial, as other sectors need an efficient T&L sector to develop. T&L is more than a question of mobility: it is a factor of competitiveness for the EU and will therefore play a significant role in the economic recovery overcoming the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
T&L trainings were strongly impacted by the sudden transition to 100% distance learning. In France, a Carif-Oref survey on training during lockdown shows that 75% of T&L training has been suspended, one of the highest rates. EQF level 5 training courses for transport managers have been particularly affected due to the significant lack of online resources. We concentrate on these trainings as it is crucial for the sector to ensure pedagogical continuity here: The transport manager has a central role in T&L companies through the organisation of transport, drivers and customer relations.
Period:2021 - 2023
Objectives:We aim to equip EQF level 5 trainings for transport managers all over Europe with effective and inclusive tools, training material and teaching methods to ensure distance teaching and online learning, continuous learner monitoring as well as the evaluation of learning outcomes.
The project intends to:
• Guide learners & teachers for an optimised digital learning experience
• Improve digital education readiness through the provision of free (OER) & inclusive online tools & innovative resources for training providers, by allowing for flexible combinations of adistance & blended learning offer, & by providing teachers with useful decision-making tools to design & implement innovative training approaches specifically tailored to digital learning needs
• Overcome the hurdles of the Covid-19 pandemic by facilitating distance learning formats
Partners:Association pour le developpement de la Formation Professionnelle Dansles Transports (France – Project lead)
DEKRA SE (Germany)
StageIT AB (Sweden)
Tyotehoseura RY (Finland)
Fundatia Academia de Transport Inern si International – ARTRI (Romania)
Insitut de Vic (Spain)
Institut Escola del Treball
Results:• Guide to innovative pedagogies for implementing inclusive digital education in EQF level 5 trainings for transport managers in Europe
• Guidance material to support students of EQF level 5 courses for transport managers in Europe to adapt to online/distance learning
• Innovative digital training resources for transport managers
• Pilot phase and recommendations
More information:Funded by:
Agence Erasmus+ France / Education et Formation


Katja Kalusch
Educational Researcher/ Project Manager