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Digital Claims Processing

Achieve fast claims handling with digital services for insurers, fleet operators and fleet customers

Settling claims quickly while maintaining quality is not only in the interest of those involved in an accident, but also makes the process easier for you as an insurer, fleet operator or fleet customer. Our hybrid solution combines the mapping of today's claims handling process with, where possible, the use of telematics data, AI and Big Data.

We tailor our services to the needs of insurers, fleet operators and fleet customers, who can benefit from our AI-based processes. You can rely on our digital services and expertise for initial damage assessments, a recommended course of action for the most efficient, fast and optimal claims settlement as well as a concrete assessment of damages by our experienced experts.

Fast, cost-effective claims processing with our digital services

  • Customer-oriented digital processes

  • Immediate damage classification and recommendations for the best possible claims handling

  • Individual and modular structure

Our digital solution for insurers and fleet operators and fleet customers

A holistic approach to digital claims processing

With our comprehensive approach to claims handling, you as an insurer, fleet operator or fleet customer are well taken care of. We adapt to your situation with digital and in-person services. Our AI-based procedures generate the initial damage assessment and a recommended course of action for a fast, optimized claims settlement. In addition, our experts are at your side with tele-services for smaller damages and to provide assessments during on-site inspections for more complex damages or total losses.

DEKRA Digital Service

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Our services comprise 6 modules

This digital, automated software solution enables structured, standardized claims reporting, regardless of whether it is done using our practical dynamic questionnaire or with the help of telematics data. The damage reporting services include a guided image upload process for end customers.
Since the software is highly configurable, it can support a wide range of business functions, from call center solutions for insurers, fleet operators or fleet customers to self-service solutions for end customers. The software solution can be provided in DEKRA branding or as a white label.

The combination of AI and Big Data generates a qualified damages classification based on a structured, standardized damages report.

The settlement recommendation includes:

  • a repair cost corridor
  • the replacement value
  • a residual value forecast
  • a total loss indicator
  • a recommended course of action for an optimal claims settlement

This service module can only be ordered in combination with the damage report (module 1).

This is a written document with the DEKRA logo listing the triage results and citing a concrete figure for the repair costs. The report can be used to make a final settlement.

Our experts evaluate the damage based on the results of modules 1+2 as well as on the available pictures, without conducting a vehicle inspection.
The service includes a statement of the expected total repair costs for labor, painting, spare parts and ancillary costs resulting from the reported damages. In addition, a statement can be issued regarding a possible reduction in value.
The written result of the tele-forecast bearing our renowned DEKRA logo can be used as the basis for a notional settlement.

In addition to the services performed in module 4, our DEKRA experts prepare a detailed repair costs calculation.

The damage assessment represents the ultimate stage in our range of services.
In an on-site inspection of the vehicle, damages are recorded by our expert and documented photographically.
You then receive a comprehensive report with detailed information on all damages and settlement-related items.

We are your partner for vehicle damage assessments

  • Rely on our experts’ comprehensive experience and knowledge gained over many years in claims handling
  • Benefit from our holistic damage assessment service for efficient claims settlement
  • Handle claims quickly and securely by relying on our specialized digital service

Do you have questions about our DEKRA Digital Service? Contact a DEKRA expert today!

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