Delivery of liquid Hydrogen for various environment at high rate

Period:January 2024 - December 2026
Objectives:Liquid hydrogen is a key solution to enable strong carbon reduction for energy, chemical and mobility industries.

If technologies are mature for light vehicles fast refuelling, it is still a challenge for heavy duty applications, hampering massive environmental gains for aviation, maritime, railroad.

DelHyVEHR offers to fill the gap of liquid hydrogen distribution technologies by driving the maturation to the demonstration at TRL 6 of the large-scale refuelling station and each main systems with a specific focus on pumping, metering, loading and boil-off gas management systems.

DelHyVEHR main objectives are to:
• Develop a high flowrate (>5 t/h and up to 6 t/h) transfer cryogenic pump for LH2 refuelling stations with high efficiency
(>60%) and high reliability (Mean Time Between Maintenance > 3000h)
• Develop and adapt loading and dispensing systems for the high-flowrate refuelling station
• Develop and optimize a boil-off gas management system enable to recover >80% of the hydrogen
• Design, build and operate the LH2 refuelling station to refill a cryogenic storage of 4-6 m3 and with integrated technologies demonstrated over long-time operation (>10 h)
• Assess economic, environmental impacts and policy suitability of the technologies and demonstrator with expected cost reduction of investments and operation of LH2 bunkering stations at 1.5 €/kg and deliver H2 carbon footprint aligned
with RED II legislation below 3.38 kgCO2/kgH2
• Ensure safety of the LH2 bunkering station and its operation

DelHyVEHR demonstration before 2027 will enable commercialisation before 2029 to target 15 refuelling stations in 2030 and up to 81 stationsin 2040 for shipping, aviation and railroad markets.
Asociatia Eergy Policy Group
European Research Institute for gas and energy innovation
Absolut Systems
DEKRA Services
Fives Cryomec
University of Ulster
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
More information:Funded by:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme under grant agreement No. 101137743. Topic: HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2-2023-02-05. Granting authority: Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

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