Crash Tests

Crash Tests for Vehicle Manufacturers and System Suppliers

Improving safety on our roads has been a matter of importance to DEKRA for over 90 years. This includes testing and assessing the passive safety of all motor vehicles. The DEKRA Crash Test Center carries out both development-accompanying and homologation crash tests on behalf of authorities and vehicle manufacturers and thus puts all types of vehicles to the test. The collision process is recorded with high-speed cameras and is analyzed in all details with the data from a large number of sensors. Only in this way can the deformation behavior of the vehicle as well as its safety be determined as realistically as possible. Safety gaps thus become visible, approaches for improvement are recognized and, in the long term, human lives are saved.

DEKRA as a Partner for Safety and Mobility

DEKRA’s team of experts is your experienced partner when it comes to testing the required safety of means of transportation. We have tested vehicles in crash tests since 1978, thus contributing a significant part to vehicle and road safety in Europe. In addition to passenger cars, DEKRA also performs crash tests with vans, heavy commercial vehicles, and two-wheelers. Here, the impact on the occupants is measured using frontal and lateral crash test dummies.

At our DEKRA Crash Test Center in Neumünster, we have an indoor and outdoor crash test facility in which each vehicle can be put to the acid test, under the application of common standards and guidelines.

We are pleased about your interest in our crash tests.

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