Consumer Crash Tests

Safety in the Interests of the Buyer

Vehicle safety and reliability plays an important part when deciding whether to buy or not. For this reason, car magazines as well as specialist TV programs regularly have crash tests performed to provide their readers and viewers with independent facts.

DEKRA is a frequently requested partner for carrying out these tests. At our Crash Test Center in Neumünster, we analyze here together with our DEKRA accident research typical accident scenarios as can happen daily on the roads. Besides globally used, standardized approval and consumer tests, individual crash configurations can also be realized. Together with the publicly accessible results from consumer tests such as Euro NCAP this results in a comprehensive picture surrounding the safety of the vehicle – and for deciding on a purchase.

In the following table you can find a summary of some of the crash tests with cars that can be carried out at the DEKRA Crash Test Center.


Frontal collision against deformable barriers (Euro NCAP, USA IIHS, JNCAP, C-NCAP, Australian NCAP, Latin NCAP, …)

Test Description

Frontal impact, 40% coverage, 0° impact angle, deformation element
Frontal collision against rigid barriers (US NCAP, JNCAP, C-NCAP, KNCAP and similar)
Frontal impact, 100% coverage, 0° impact angle, rigid, non-deformable barrier
Pole impacts (Euro NCAP, US NCAP, Australian NCAP and similar)
Pole impact, 100 % coverage, impact angle tailored to customer demand, collision speed up to 60 km/h