Crash Tests on Road Equipment

Impact Tests on Passive Safety Barriers

Whether on freeways, federal highways or in urban areas, guard rails accompany us everywhere on the majority of roads in the EU. The passive safety barriers are to stop and redirect impacting vehicles in a targeted manner so that the consequences of an accident are as minor as possible.
To continue to achieve and improve this, there are impact tests that are performed according to the EU-wide valid standard EN 1317 at the DEKRA Crash Test Center. With this vehicles from 900 kg (TB11) to 38,000 kg (TB81) collide against passive concrete and/or steel safety barriers. Angles of 8, 15 and 20 degrees are realized; other angles are also possible.

As part of research projects commissioned by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), the lifesaving underride guard systems were also developed and tested for the impact of motorcyclists at the DEKRA Crash Test Center.

Other crash tests, such as the protection of motorcyclists pursuant to the standard DIN EN 1317 (section 8), impact tests with crash absorbers (DIN EN 1317 section 3), access barriers (PAS 68), and anti-terror barriers (IWA 14) as well as freely selectable configurations are also possible at any time on the test site.