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The DEKRA SEAL for safety and quality

A symbol you can trust


The DEKRA Seal is issued to companies, products or persons that have officially met and are compliant with defined standards, such as those concerning safety, quality or sustainability. It’s a clear, transparent proof of performance from an independent and neutral body. The DEKRA Seal reliability and transparency are highly important to DEKRA. Therefore, the criteria used are clearly stated in our DEKRA Seal database.

Test criteria can include:

  • Requirements by national and/or international laws or standards

  • Technical regulations, industry standards, professional associations regulations

  • DEKRA standards: standards defined by DEKRA in fields in which there are no appropriate existing specifications or guidelines, or where existing regulations are exceeded

DEKRA Seal search

If you want to learn more about the specific content of test criteria, look up the details in our DEKRA seal search.


Reliability when it comes to the content is one of the most prominent concerns at DEKRA. This is why DEKRA attaches such great importance to the transparency of the criteria. You can assess whether the DEKRA Seal is genuine via the DEKRA Seal search

Detailed descriptions of the test criteria can be derived from the DEKRA Seal search result. It is printed on the DEKRA Seal if either a specific standard was tested completely or partially. Sometimes key words are used to describe the test criteria. The detailed descriptions and underlying standards referencing such keywords are provided via the DEKRA Seal search.

  • The DEKRA Seal may only be used in the form in which it has been issued by DEKRA. Changes, especially to the design or the text of the DEKRA Seal are not permitted. The company that received the DEKRA Seal may not use single parts of the DEKRA Seal but must use it in its full form and content.
  • If the company receives the DEKRA Seal also in electronic form, it is entitled to change the size of the DEKRA Seal, but the text it contains must always remain legible and the proportions of the text and symbols may not be changed.
  • The DEKRA Seal may only be used in connection with the activities, processes, systems or qualifications for which it has been issued. The DEKRA Seal may not be used in a misleading way (e.g. furnishing a product with a DEKRA Seal that has been issued for management system certification).
  • The company is not entitled to assign or sublicense the right of use that has been granted, i.e., only the company itself may use the DEKRA Seal. Use by subsidiaries, for example, is also prohibited in principle, unless this has been appropriately agreed for with DEKRA
  • The DEKRA Seal may be used only while the corresponding certificate is valid.

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