Introducing DEKRA Mark

DEKRA Mark is a certification mark that demonstrates that your product has been thoroughly tested and meets all required safety standards. As DEKRA Mark is based on internationally accepted and recognized standards, it is your product’s passport for worldwide market access.
Benefits of DEKRA Mark
Easy market access

Easy market access to different countries, which accept EN or IEC standards.

Tailor made solutions

Integrate assessments and re-examinations with your own specific quality process.

Cost effective testing

Multiple cost effective testing options available and combining mandatory inspections for different markets

Use of DEKRA CheckMe

Each mark has a unique identifier. A consumer, manufacturer, government organization or stakeholder can scan the QR code or enter the certificate number on our website to access detailed information about the product certification.

Our certification process

The DEKRA Mark Certification Scheme is an ISO Type 5 certification which is a contractual agreement between the manufacturer and a Certification Body. It includes the following:
  • Type Tested product
  • Valid Certificate
  • Annual CIG023 factory inspection
  • Annual product re-examination
  • Use of DEKRA Mark and identifier on your product or product marketing
DEKRA offers a modular testing program, so we can always find a suitable approach for your type testing requirements:
  • Option A: Full testing in the DEKRA laboratories
  • Option B: Testing at customer test facilities, executed by DEKRA staff
  • Option C: Full witnessed Testing
  • Option D: Witnessed testing as part of a test program
Want to know more about the modular testing program and which option suits you best? We are happy to tell you more.

Information for our KEMA-KEUR customers

Throughout and beyond the transition period for the KEMA-KEUR Mark, we remain committed to providing you with the exceptional service and certification process you've come to rely on. The DEKRA Mark maintains the same rigorous technical standards and processes as the KEMA-KEUR certification. Rest assured, your requirements continue to be met with precision and excellence under the DEKRA Mark. Learn more about this transition and the advantages it brings.