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FAQs about the DEKRA Award

1. Send us your application in your selected category by September, 19th 2022.

2. Complete your application in the online form. (To do so, follow the steps in the form.) Or download the application form as a PDF file and send it to us by e-mail at

3. The seven-member jury will select and name the winners in each category end in the beginning of October 2022.

4. The category winners will be informed before the ceremony. We would like to film a short trailer about your company and your project. If you agree to this, please provide for a day of filming at your company before the award ceremony.

5. Startups shortlisted by the jury will be allowed to pitch, and the winner will be determined by voting on and social media.

6. In October, all nominated candidates will be published on the website.

7. On Novemer 10, 2022, all winners will be announced.

All companies that have developed outstanding concepts, initiatives or processes and thereby established "best practices". We want to honor outstanding achievements in the areas of "Safety", "Security" and "Sustainability."

In addition, we have another category, called " Startups." Startups that offer innovative solutions and business models in one of the three areas can apply here.

For the DEKRA Award jury, it's not the size of the company that's important, but the quality of a measure/concept and its systematic implementation.

With the DEKRA Award, we are looking for outstanding performance in the areas of "Safety", "Security" and "Sustainability". Each year, different topical issues are addressed within these categories.

Yes, the jury will gladly receive all applications.

To ensure that everyone has the same chance, we can receive only one application per category.

Yes, we invite fresh submissions for the DEKRA Award every year and the award is always open to all candidates.

One application will be awarded in each category.

No, candidates are not charged any fee for taking part in the DEKRA Award.

You can submit your application for the DEKRA Award online. Alternatively, you can complete and submit the application form that is available for download. DEKRA documents and stores the submitted data for the purpose of processing the selection process.

The jury decides on the basis of the submitted written applications. The applicant must confirm the accuracy of his information in accordance with the conditions of participation.

To ensure that everyone has the same chance, all documents must be submitted on time before registration closes.

It is planned to start from June 2022 on.

The DEKRA Award jury will decide whether to extend the deadline.

For the DEKRA Award jury, it's not the number of applications that's important, but their quality.

The DEKRA Award jury members are appointed by the initiator, DEKRA Award, and its partner WirtschaftsWoche.

Collaboration and coordination among DEKRA Award jury members are subject to a code of ethics. Members who encounter a conflict of interests in their appraisal of applications are considered to be biased and are disqualified from voting.

The independence of the DEKRA Award jury and its members can be ensured only if their evaluations and decisions are made without the influence of third parties. The evaluation of the jury is oriented to the criteria/evaluation aspects to be indicated by the participant in the questionnaire. To ensure the greatest possible level of transparency, all evaluation aspects are documented. The jury’s evaluation concerning the winner in the respective category is published on the DEKRA Award website.

The most important information concerning the application of the nominees/winners (product title, product description, company name and company logo) will be given on the website once registration has closed. Consent for this is given by submitting the application.

The applications that have been nominated will be published on the website under the "Nominated" navigation item after the jury meeting in October 2022.

The announcement of the winners will take place on November 10, 2022.

The DEKRA Award and the ceremony are carried out without financial support from third parties of DEKRA e.V. The available budget is used exclusively for this purpose. A film will be made with the category winners which the winners can use as a means of communication. In addition, the winners will be honored with a high-quality trophy, a certificate and a signet, which they can also use for their communication.

The organizer and the cooperation partner WirtschaftsWoche will communicate the nominees and the award winners. Nominees and award winners are entitled to use the DEKRA Award certificate and signet free of charge in accordance with the terms of use.

In general, the signet can be used for advertising purposes for a period of two years. The certificate, which is also given, can be used beyond this time period.

The jury is entitled to reject applications for the DEKRA Award that do not meet the requirements, are not compatible with applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union and with the mission statement of DEKRA.

The jury reserves the right to rescind an award if the applicant received the award on the basis of deliberately incorrect information or the DEKRA Award was used for communication regarding aspects/products/concepts that were not part of the award. Ways of restricting the right of use of the signet can be found in the terms and conditions of use.

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