5GMETA aims to create a platform for car data delivery, develop innovative CAM services, and define 5G edge infrastructure to benefit IoT and CCAM applications.
Period:2016 - 2018
Objectives:Among other things, 5GMETA will:
- Create a platform to ingest and deliver car data. 5GMETA will develop and integrate a set of 5G network functions by applying service slicing for data delivery based on IoT architectures and technologies. This will capture, process, and deliver data coming from vehicles that are publishing driving dynamics and position, road environment, driver behavior, and passenger services activity from sensors and devices in a distributed and configurable manner.

- Generate innovative CAM services and applications. 5GMETA will develop, integrate, train, and test a set of exploitable demonstrators implementing innovative CCAM use cases and covering heterogeneous datasets, business models, and industry segments to widely represent the expected features, APIs, and pricing that would fit into new applications or players beyond the 5GMETA consortium.

- Define 5G edge infrastructure life-cycle. 5GMETA will produce recommendations to drive the effective implementation of 5G infrastructures, adopting CAM business and policy perspectives. 5GMETA will define the foundations for the MEC architectures to serve as cloudlets for data-centric CAM services and applications, enabling new business opportunities for MNOs and third parties in a cost-effective manner.
Partners:Keysight Technologies Belgium (coordinator)
Keysight Technologies Denmark
University of Malaga
Redzinc Services Limited
University College London
More information:Funded by:
Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of European Union
Call: H2020-ICT-2020-1
Activity: ICT-42-2020-IA
Nº: 957360