Values and Visioning Workshop

Developing a set of values and a vision

An organization’s vision and values are a set of expectations and standards, which express an organization’s culture. They are an expression of intent and expectation of oneself and of the culture informing behaviors and how decisions are made. This workshop assists your organization in developing a set of values and a vision using the principles authentic leadership. The workshop can help you refine and revise the vision and values you already have in place or assist you in framing new ones. Alternatively, we facilitate the creation of a specific vision and values for individual projects.

Research shows that authentic leadership is key in creating a healthy organizational culture, including effective safety policy and practice. Our 1-day workshop for senior leaders focuses on helping leaders develop the skills and tools that inspire trust and develop integrity. Being true to a vision and set of values is one way an organization’s leadership can create sustainable positive change when it comes to safety behaviors.

Your Benefits

  • Creation of an individualized vision and set of values
  • Authentic leadership that inspires trust and demonstrates integrity
  • Sustainable positive change in safety behaviors at all organizational levels
Our Workshop Structure
WelcomeIdeally a member of the senior leadership team welcomes participants and addresses why they are here and why it is important to them personally.
What is an Authentic Leader?What are the attributes, skills and characteristics of an authentic leader (purpose & passion, values & behavior, relationships & connectedness, self-discipline & consistency, heart & compassion)?

A leader who shows that they care.

What does this look like in terms of behavior?

What does this sound like in language?

An authentic leader is able to lead as their best self. They have the ability to generate followers, and this can be measured by ‘discretionary effort’. What will your teams do when you are not there? We refer to this as ‘felt leadership’. Teams and individuals feel led even when their supervisor isn’t present. Teams perform well because they want to rather than because they have to, and this is because of who you are and not what you are.
CharterYou are guided through each of the five dimensions of authentic leadership to create a charter: purpose, values, relationships, self-discipline and heart. As a commitment, the behavior exhibited for each dimension begins, “I will..... ”. The final wording will be agreed by the delegates as their commitment.


  • We are a behavioral change consultancy striving for a sustainable improvement in safety outcomes.
  • We have the expertise to deliver the skills, methods, and motivation to change leadership attitudes, behaviors and decision making among employees.
  • We specialize in ‘making a difference for the better’ by positively influencing our clients’ safety culture.
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