Strengthening Gamified Learning for Learners and VET personnel in Professional Driver Training

The professional driver profession will undergo major changes in the coming years which are likely to go in parallel with a major re- and upskilling of this profession. Already today this occupation profile is characterised by extremely high levels of skills shortage. These trends highlight how sorely better quality and recognition of CVET, also in the context of virtual training, are needed in the sector.
GamingDRV aims to create greater diversity and access to further training for low qualified workers and other disadvantaged groups, such as migrant workers in the driving profession through gamified learning elements.
Period:2022 - 2025
Objectives:The project supports the promotion of inclusive digital CVET programmes in professional driver training and beyond in the sense of a pan-European just, inclusive, innovative and competitive VET landscape that incorporates the creation of digital VET systems and programmes as well as the support of digital skills, both among our main target group of professional drivers as well as among the crucial group of VET personnel.
Partners:DEKRA SE/ undefined (Germany - Project lead)
Transformotion IRL Limeted (Ireland)
StageIT AB (Sweden)
Association pour le developpement de la Formation Professionnelle Dansles Transports (France)
Tyotehoseura RY (Finland)
Results:1. Virtual Classroom Concept and Curriculum for Driver CPC
2. Digital Gamified Learning Elements – GLE
3. Training Module for Trainers for Applying Gamified Learning Elements in VC formats “Game Train”
4. Online Pool of Resources for Trainers – Platform for virtual gamified training resources and methods for trainers in virtual training
5. Implementation Guidelines for virtual learning in driver training and beyond (sustainably concept)
More information:Funded by:
Nationale Agentur bei Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (NABIBB) und Erasmus+

Katja Kalusch
Educational Researcher/ Project Manager