The future of auditing

Jan 23, 2020 Audit

Are you ready for the future of auditing?

The general framework for audits is changing. Current developments such as technological change, digitalization, increasing demand for agile interactions, fast-paced business environments, and globalization have a great influence on the TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification) sector. Computer-aided audit techniques can make a significant contribution to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of certifications.

Solutions for current challenges in auditing:

  • Computer-assisted audit techniques (CAAT)
  • Telephone and video conferences
  • Interactive web-based communication
  • Remote access to documentation of the management system and its processes
  • Digital audits mixed with reality solutions, for example, the use of Hololens spectacles or VR web application
Remote audit methods are already mentioned in the DIN EN ISO 19011 guideline for auditing management systems. According to the standard, the nature and scope of the remote audit methodology may differ:
    The entire audit is carried out using remote techniques, i.e. from planning the audit to reviewing follow-up measures. This is done completely without the physical presence of the auditor on site.
    Remote auditing provides major advantages including increased flexibility and shorter set-up times. In addition, travel restrictions, costs and extensive preparations are eliminated to save you time and money.
    In order to continue to meet the technical developments and requirements of our customers, we implement both traditional methods and the modern technology enabling remote audits.
    Despite constantly evolving conference technology and intelligent database tools, the personal on-site service of an auditor is still irreplaceable, at least at this point in time. Virtual procedures, however, offer a first-class supplement to the traditional certification procedure.

    Discover the future of auditing - with us at your side

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