New DEKRA ESG Assessment service

Sustainability Audit for Vehicle Repairshops

Nov 22, 2023

DEKRA is offering a new sustainability service for small and medium-sized auto repair businesses. In this ESG Assessment, the testing organization follows a multistage process to evaluate each company’s performance in terms of environmental, social, and governance factors. This comes against the backdrop of the increasingly high expectations of the insurance industry, automotive sector, and consumers for compliance with sustainability standards by the supply chain and service organizations.

This ESG assessment was designed by DEKRA experts with industry experience specifically for vehicle repair, body, and paint shops. It offers a transparent and neutral evaluation system that identifies the individual business’ potential and facilitates independent comparison across the market. The concept is intended to instill in company management an awareness of responsible business practices that are in line with regulatory and stakeholder requirements. The key considerations are:
  • Setting achievable goals to accommodate dynamic market requirements.
  • Rolling out sustainable practices to reduce a business’ environmental footprint and improve its social impact.
  • Ensuring safety in the workplace, the promotion of fair and ethical processes, and support for positive change.
  • Tracking ESG practices and sustainability strategies along a business’ supply chain.
Due to the wide range of different company sizes and levels of maturity in the automotive repair sector, DEKRA offers a multistage process. At the Adopter level, there is an easy-to-access assessment for newcomers to ESG activities that identifies the most important areas for them to optimize. Meanwhile, the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels are aimed at companies that have already adopted and implemented ESG measures in their shops.