Soft Landing

Author: Norbert Böwing

Dec 04, 2018 Safety at work / Innovation

The vest FALLBAG with integrated airbag offers the best possible protection against heavy falls at work. With this invention BORNACK GmbH & Co. KG wins the DEKRA Award 2018 in the category “Safety at work”.

Wholistic concepts for roping protection are part of the corporate portfolio of BORNACK GmbH & Co. KG from Ilsfeld in Baden-Württemberg. The latest innovation of the company is the FALLBAG. This is a protective vest with integrated airbag for working at heights between two and four meters. “We have installed various sensors in the FALLBAG, which are evaluated electronically. Among other things, they detect at what height a worker is and at what speed he is moving. If irrational movements occur, the electronics automatically detect them and trigger the airbag in fractions of a millisecond,” says Marketing Manager Ella Bornack, describing how the system works.
The protective vest largely protects the human body from life-threatening damage in the event of an impact. “In the event of a fall, it can clearly prevent extremely serious injuries to the spine, the back of the head and the pelvis,” says Klaus Bornack, Managing Director of FALLBAG. The FALLBAG is an absolute high-tech product in the middle of the digital working world and impressively proves the opportunities of modern technology. It was presented for the first time at an international trade fair for work safety in Düsseldorf. Just as great as the interest in the FALLBAG are the areas of application.
It is suitable for forwarding companies for employees at loading ramps or on ladders as well as for painting work on facades or also in leisure time when working on trees in the garden. This innovation closes a security gap for which there have been no solutions so far.