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Industrial Goods

Sales and Aftersales

Strong sales and customer service help generate more profits and drive brand loyalty

A sustainable business needs a well trained and highly motivated staff to promote both sales and aftersales. We support you in optimizing your sales as well as aftersales trainings throughout the organization, helping you achieve top performance, optimum efficiency, as well as reduce risks and costs. Our trainings and personnel certification portfolio has been developed to conform with both national and international standards and continues to grow and expand to include services that give businesses the safety and security they need in a digitalized world, both today and tomorrow.


A successful sales strategy requires you to truly know your product and understand its full potential. Aftersales support services can boost customer satisfaction and provide a platform on which to increase additional sales opportunities, build long-term customer relationships and promote loyalty to your brand. We provide comprehensive expertise to help you develop an effective and profitable sales and aftersales service portfolio according to circumstances specific to your business.

DEKRA Services for ...

Maintaining end-to-end service


Sales are a key factor in the growth of your business. Good customer service can encourage customers to give positive feedback about your company, or even recommend you to a friend. Your aftersales services play an important role in generating sustainable customer loyalty and increasing brand value. DEKRA provides a number of services designed to help you implement effective sales and aftersales strategies.

Destructive Testing

Our wealth of experience in conducting state-of-the-art materials testing in accredited laboratory facilities around the world ensures manufacturers and plant owners reliable results. When performing failure investigations, our DEKRA experts use pressure, temperature and force testing tools to push the specimen to its breaking point, as well as chemical and physical testing, which help get a better under-standing of the true properties of the material. This improves customer satisfaction through improvements in both design and quality.

Examination of Experts for Energy and Environment

Validation by an objective third party gives employees confidence in their skills, especially when it comes to the quality of your processes and the ability to meet modern requirements for a clean environment and saving energy. With our examination services you can be sure that your in-house experts are truly up to the task.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System

We help to ensure your ability to protect employee health and safety as well as the environment. ISO 50001 certification improves energy efficiency with the introduction of an effective energy management system, while ISO 14001 certifies your environmental management system to demonstrate sustainable operation.

Sustainability Advisory and Services

Focusing on sustainable practices, we evaluate policies and the sustainability of our customers’ processes, and provide solutions that improve the sustainability of our customers' processes, products and services while maintaining efficiency and productivity.

Digital solutions to implement smart sales and aftersales


Successful end-to-end operating models for sales and aftersales services rely on your ability to deliver the right product in the right quantity to the right customer at the right price and at the right time. DEKRA experts provide comprehensive support to help you stay competitive with robust and secure digital customer service processes.

Classic Temporary Work/Direct Placement

React flexibly to changes affecting individual orders, fluctuations in staffing and additional projects. No matter how short or long the term, how extensive or how specific your employee requirements may be, we can provide you with the perfect personnel solution in almost all industries and professions. Based on a detailed professional behavioral profile analysis, we can identify the professional strengths, talents and development potential of qualified candidates.

Data Protection Consulting

DEKRA experts keep you informed and help you to stay legally compliant and up to date when it comes to handling data. If you prefer more targeted expertise, we can provide the individualized support of a data protection officer to carry out services on-site and in close cooperation with your team.

Examination of Experts for IT and Cyber Security

To inspire trust among existing customers and attract potential new customers it is essential to ensure information security and to protect IT systems, components and processes. Validation by an objective third party gives employees confidence in their skills and customers confidence that they have chosen the right partner. DEKRA personnel certification services cover a wide range of requirements generally recognized on the international stage.

Information Security Awareness Training

In order to sensitize personnel so that they are able to precisely identify and not fall prey to cyber and social engineering attacks, DEKRA provides comprehensive information security awareness training. The course aims to inform employees of current threats, demonstrate how your company protects its assets and teach staff how to react in actual risk situations.

Information Security Management System Consulting

DEKRA cyber security consultancy follows up an analysis of your IT infrastructure with recommendations for the design and implementation of IT security systems. We assess the specifics of your sector as well as your strengths and most pressing needs in order to be able to advise you on establishing or optimizing an ISMS for your organization.

Information Security Risk Assessment and Management

No company today is immune to cyber security risks and potential attacks, making system and network security a top business priority. We support you in identifying, assessing and monitoring IT security risks and help you recognize threats and assess their probability of occurrence. Our experts analyze your system, carry out penetration tests and uncover vulnerabilities.


DEKRA provides comprehensive recruitment services supporting you from the initial job advertisement to the final interview.

Remote and/or Online Monitoring and Digital Optimization Services

DEKRA offers remote and online sensor monitoring to complement a comprehensive range of inspection services providing information about trends and highlighting potential issues. Our experts can help you implement VALTO360º, an information management solution that virtualizes your operating and production environments into 360º interactive panoramas to facilitate oversight at any time from any location. This can be connected to IoT monitoring in order to create dashboards and facilitate the control over the assets. These critical services help to prevent downtime, increase efficiency and save you money.

Part of a well-rounded customer service


DEKRA experts can provide effective supplemental services designed to help you maintain maximum performance, boost customer satisfaction, tap into new business opportunities and strengthen your brand.

Chemical Safety Advisory

Maintaining compliance with testing protocols, reporting obligations, product labeling, documentation requirements and legislative initiatives such as REACH can be an overwhelming task for both manufacturers and importers. Our chemical safety advisory team specializes in testing, classification, management and other services supporting companies seeking to comply with the hazardous substances regulatory framework.

Expediting, Shop and Vendor Inspection of the Supply Chain

Acquiring new equipment and machinery can be time-consuming, costly and risky. We carry out inspection and expediting services on your supplier’s premises, verifying the quality of manufactured products or equipment and the reliability of delivery times.

Human Performance Reliability and Mental Health

While advances in technology and their business applications receive ample attention, new discoveries in neuroscience that help us understand the human brain could also have a major impact on the workplace. Learning how to recognize and manage stress among your employees and how to support good decisionmaking, for example, can both lead to a more motivated and productive workforce. Through targeted assessments, recommendations and consultations, we help you maximize every employee’s potential.

Leadership Diagnostic, Assessment and Development

Effective leadership is a decisive factor in your company’s success, influencing all aspects of operations and culture. Our consultants have developed an array of tools to support the development of valuable leadership skills. The DEKRA Leadership Diagnostic Instrument (LDI) and Leader Care Profile assessment measure the strengths and weaknesses of leaders in your company. SafeAlign™ and our Leading Safety Performance™ solutions, as well as our training program on understanding major accident hazards focus on how strong leadership can be used to optimize safety standards and practices in your business. Individualized coaching is also available as part of our comprehensive approach to helping leaders reach their ultimate potential.

Process Safety Competence Development

The DEKRA Process Safety Academy offers competence development programs in all areas of process safety. We incorporate various learning methodologies, including public courses and events, tailored in-house courses, e-learning and computer-based training and skills development programs.

Quality Management Certification

Reliable quality management based on ISO 9001 ensures high-quality processes, products and services. A central feature is its risk-based approach, which identifies opportunities and risks, derives appropriate measures and evaluates their effectiveness. Certification according to ISO 9001 helps you implement a robust quality management system and efficient accompanying processes with which to achieve your desired results.

Second-Party Audits

Experienced auditors provide fast and efficient audits to help you in approving new suppliers, addressing quality issues, confirming corrective actions or performing reviews or maintenance as part of a supplier management processes.

Supply Chain Audits

Our comprehensive audits let you evaluate and ensure ethical, environmental and social compliance as well as process integrity and security throughout the entire supply chain. Our services include initial supplier audits and continuous monitoring, as well as helping you decipher international, national and local regulatory requirements.

Workforce Diagnostic, Assessment and Development

DEKRA has designed services to specifically evaluate your safety culture and engage your workforce at every level. Our experienced specialists help you implement behavior-based strategies that drive transformational change and enhance overall performance.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Solutions

Our trained and accredited team of specialists conducts physical, ergonomic and psychological risk assessments, carries out medical examinations and evaluates independently whether employees fulfill safety-related criteria, all to help you build a robust framework to ensure a healthy workforce.

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