Equipping leaders for safety excellence with SafeAlign™

Safety leadership principles and practices are not just for executives, they are also critical for supervisors and managers who execute the organization’s objectives every day. Our leadership development program targets these groups, honing their skills as safety leaders.

Mid-level leaders provide the first line of defense in managing safety issues, communicating organizational priorities and values, and building relationships with individual team members. Yet this group more than any other is often left out of safety improvement efforts.
The key objectives of our safety leadership development program remedy this omission by aligning supervisors, managers, leaders and leaders of leaders with safety objectives. SafeAlign™ helps organizations develop critical safety leadership skills at every level, translate safety visions into safety action, set targets for exposure reduction and sustainable safety performance and track progress with a customized technology solution — the DEKRA Safety Platform.

Your Benefits

  • Multi-level alignment around safety objectives
  • A customized safety implementation plan
  • Successful learning through workshops and in-field coaching
  • Progress tracking tailored for your company with the DEKRA Safety Platform

Our Approach

Our comprehensive SafeAlign™ leadership development program starts by laying the foundation for a comprehensive, holistic approach to safety. Following an evaluation phase that takes a close look at your company’s specific needs and safety background, our experts guide your team through an implementation launch, individualized safety workshops, follow-up training and coaching and performance tracking so that your organization can achieve outstanding, sustainable safety outcomes.
We provide the following elements for leadership development
Evaluation Phase and Diagnostic Assessment
Done at the start of every project, the organizational assessment establishes a working picture of the current cultural characteristics and issues, safety systems, supervisory participation, accountability systems, and key exposures that inform the development of an effective improvement plan.
Implementation Planning
Governance Team Workshop
Leading with Safety® Workshop
Capability Development Workshops
Leadership Coaching
DEKRA Safety Platform
Sustainability Activities
Our long history in safety performance has reliably shown that effectively engaging the supervisory and managerial levels brings positive and dramatic results to organizational safety outcomes. SafeAlign™ is a bridge linking senior leadership’s vision of safety with all organizational levels to create a collaborative environment attuned to a shared idea of organizational safety performance. The program ensures understanding of core safety and systems concepts and uncovers areas that are hindering improvement. Importantly, SafeAlign™ provides a repeatable framework for lasting safety improvement that embeds critical skills and practices throughout your supervisory and managerial ranks.


  • We are trusted advisors to companies large and small seeking organizational alignment around safety goals.
  • We have the expertise and a proven system, with SafeAlign™, to instill transformative leadership skills in managers and supervisors and improve safety outcomes.
  • We specialize in a holistic approach that changes safety culture for the better.
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