Recall Campaigns

Efficient recalls that maximize opportunity

Recalls occur in the automotive sector to ensure the safety and functionality of all vehicles. While they can be challenging to execute efficiently, they also offer an opportunity for dealerships to follow through on what the brand promises, showcase customer service and optimize retail processes.

As industry experts with an impressive breadth and depth of experience, we have developed a recall campaign strategy that facilitates customer communication and a smooth, efficient process.
We help clients determine the most effective approach for their circumstances and support the implementation of the recall campaign start to finish, from contacting customers and arranging appointments to the analysis and verification of databases and compliance with legal requirements. We view car recalls as an opportunity for positive customer contact, improving processes and optimizing part turnover and workshop visits.

Your Benefits

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Legal compliance
  • Optimized conversion rate through aftersales visits and more
  • Follow-through on the brand’s promise to customers

Our Approach

We tailor our recommendations to ensure your recall campaign is a success and support you throughout the process. Our services include:
  • Analysis, verification and updates of relevant databases
  • Design of an optimal customer-centered process
  • Creation of effective call scripts that reflect agreed workflows
  • In-house outbound call team and appointment scheduling
  • Integration of recall services into workshop schedule


  • We are experts in the automotive industry experienced in managing recalls successfully.
  • We have a recall strategy that accommodates your circumstances while keeping customer needs at the forefront.
  • We specialize in recall campaigns that highlight customer satisfaction, efficiency and opportunity.