Recall campaigns

Get in touch with all customers with vehicles requiring a recall campaign and make an appointment.

Outbound call to get appointment.
Recall campaigns

Why does Recall campaigns exist?

Manufactures have to modernize the vehicles where some spare parts need to be exchanged. Sometimes it is difficult to contact the final user and make them come to the workshop. The goal is to figure out the back-office charge of this process correctly, as well as the ratios of leads, to try to optimize the values and power to extend the provision to other dealers.

Your benefits:

  • Ensure the carmaker’s customer promise
  • Adhere to the legal instructions in each country
  • Develop aftersales visits in the workshop
  • Increase the turnover of parts

Our services cover:

  • Analysing the database
  • Qualifying the database
  • Designing the call script
  • Making outbound calls and establishing appointments


DEKRA will:

  • Bring knowledge of automotive industry
  • Provide an in-house call centre
  • Provide expertise on outbound call
  • Transform the conversion rate
  • Manage other demands the customer might have
  • Update the data base

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