Psychological Safety at Work

Beyond the Surface: Where Psychological Safety Drives Physical Safety

For a safe work environment, psychological safety characterized by a sense of belonging and open communication is key. It ensures that employees feel confident to speak up and helps to sustainably reduce accidents. Through customized, modular approaches, we help managers and team leaders create an atmosphere of belonging and openness. The result is a resilient workforce that not only meets safety standards but actively contributes to the organization's growth and success.

Your Benefits:
  • Improved leadership by promoting a culture of trust and open communication.
  • Fewer accidents due to a psychologically safe environment.
  • Higher productivity and innovation as employees feel safe to express their ideas.
  • Higher retention rates by creating a supportive workplace.
  • Reduced health costs due to better mental wellbeing.
  • Promotion of a positive and collaborative workplace culture.
Our Approach:
Our program for psychological safety in the workplace empowers organizations to foster a workplace based on a sense of belonging and open communication. Using a modular structure, we provide customized solutions to improve psychological safety. Work with our experienced consultants to establish a corporate philosophy that prioritizes trust, reduces accidents, fosters collaboration, and cultivates a resilient workforce that exceeds organizational goals. By instilling a culture that embraces mistakes as a path to improvement, our program ensures sustainable risk reduction and strengthens the workplace with trust and safety.
We take a proactive, holistic approach helping you to implement psychological safety strategies and measures in four program modules including:
    After evaluating the psychological safety questionnaire, our experts hold discussions, conduct personal interviews and focus groups, report findings and make recommendations.
    More information:
    Why DEKRA?
    • Our psychological safety program offers a customizable approach that ensures sustainable success and continuous improvement tailored to your organization's needs.
    • Our seasoned experts deliver high-impact leadership and workforce training, coaching your teams through real-world scenarios that impact your business.
    • We prioritize compliance with regulations and standards while aligning our program to support your company's organizational goals, creating a harmonious balance between safety and strategic objectives.
    Most Frequently Asked Questions – Psychological Safety at work
    1. Why should I make psychological safety a priority in my corporate culture?
    Fostering a psychologically safe work environment can reduce accidents, raise productivity, encourage innovation, lower costs due to less sick days or time off and promote a positive and collaborative atmosphere in which your workforce can thrive.
    2. What are the foundational factors of psychological safety that I need to master within my organization?
    3. What is the connection between the psychological and physical safety of my employees?
    4. How can I measure psychological safety in my team or organization?
    5. Does the psychological safety program consider the special needs of my organization and my employees?
    6. Is psychological safety in the workplace an important investment or simply the next trend?