Milestones of a Partnership


DEKRA and DTM extend long-standing partnership

DEKRA's technical inspectors will also be responsible for the technical scrutineering of the GT sports cars in the DTM Trophy junior series. The DEKRA logo is present on the starting numbers of all three DTM racing series - DTM, DTM Trophy and DTM Classic.


Starting signal for a new DTM era

The entry of GT3 cars from Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG, McLaren and Lamborghini heralds a new phase in what is probably Germany's best-known racing series.


30 Years of DEKRA and DTM

For around 30 years, DEKRA has been the DTM’s expert for safety and equal opportunity.
Technical innovations:
  • New 4-cylinder turbo engine with approx. 610 hp, with a top speed of over 300 km/h (186.4 mph).
  • An integrated fuel-flow restrictor limits the fuel supply and implements a push-to-pass system by means of a bypass – ensuring enthralling duels and exciting overtake maneuvers.
  • The rear wing was visibly widened (based on the vehicles of the Japanese Super GT series) and also possesses a DRS function.
  • Continuous increase in standard components to now more than 100 parts (significant reduction in development and material costs).
  • Introduction of a uniform fire-extinguishing system according to the latest FIA standard.


Augmented Reality

DEKRA starts using augmented reality for the first time and thus adds a truly groundbreaking technology to its arsenal which enables DEKRA to perfect its own processes.



The latest step in DEKRA’s quest to prove its commitment to safety: The DEKRA technical approval trailer – a conference room, office for the technical inspectors and technical delegates of the DMSB, as well as a means to transport all the equipment for the technical approval, all in one convenient package.


Shock Absorbers

DEKRA procures a shock absorber dynamometer.


New Safety Concept

DEKRA assumes responsibility over the entire operative implementation of the technical approval process of the DTM, and has been present at every race with six DEKRA employees ever since. New technical regulations with a completely revamped safety concept. Monocoque taken as a central safety element with front, back and side crash elements. All statistical and dynamic tests for development and homologation at DEKRA are carried out in DATC or CTC.


3D Scanner

To enable the examination of thin-walled bodywork components, a 3D scanner was purchased in 2011 and introduced into the measuring process of the technical approval.


Measuring Arm

DEKRA introduces the measuring arm (high precision, quick measurement of the entire outer shell).


Sports Cars

According to the regulations applicable from that point on, the touring cars only need to have the same exterior as serial production cars; from a technical perspective, DTM cars are race car prototypes wearing the skin of a touring car.


Official Partner

DEKRA becomes the “Official technical partner of the DTM” and is, as was the case between 1989 and 1996, again visibly represented on the vehicles’ starting numbers.


The 2000 Comeback

This year saw the DTM make its debut appearance at the DEKRA Lausitzring (formerly the EuroSpeedway Lausitz). The introduction of the so-called seat box (a carbon fiber structure around the driver), which replaced the bucket seat of previous years, brought a considerable enhancement in passive safety.


Taking a Hiatus

The DTM is forced into hiatus following the departure of several manufacturers due to concerns about the high costs, but the organizers of the DTM never stopped believing in the series. There followed a period of renewal and change, focusing on cost reduction, equal opportunities, and breathtaking touring cars. New technical regulations were developed.


Expert Committee

DEKRA employees join the DMSB (Deutscher Motor Sport Bund, German Motor Sport Federation) expert committee.



The step towards internationality as an ITC (International Touring Car Series) with races in Italy, Finland, Great Britain, Portugal, and France.



First guest races in Great Britain.


Business as Unusual

The manifold engine (naturally aspirated engines and turbo engines) and drive concepts (front, back, 4-wheel drive) as well as the changing event formats (number of races per event) kept the regulatory watchdogs on their toes.


DEKRA joins the DTM

At the time, DEKRA employees were still directly under the motorsports association ONS (the predecessor organization of the DMSB). Today, DEKRA’s technical inspectors have a license from the DMSB, which is in charge of the motorsporting aspects of the DTM. DEKRA’s logo even appeared on the starting numbers (until 1996).



Specially trained DEKRA technicians and engineers issue the so-called ONS/DMSB car passes, the approval documents required for a racing car by law, first for the ONS and then the DMSB (Deutscher Motor Sport Bund, German Motor Sport Federation).


FIA Membership

DEKRA employees become permanent members of various FIA bodies (Fédération Internationale d‘Automobile) and the German ONS (Oberste Nationale Sportkommission, the highest national sport commission for motorsports in Germany).