Keeping Safety Integrity Systems Resistant to Cyber Attacks

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Many organizations rely on Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) to maintain safe operations. How vulnerable are such systems to hackers?

Technological advances that have given rise to functional safety, Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) and the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) mechanism have generally made high hazard industries less dangerous. However, technology can also be weaponized as the world has witnessed with the increasing frequency of cyber attacks. Since many organizations rely on SIS to maintain safe operations, it is reasonable to ask how vulnerable such systems are to hackers and the efforts of cyber criminals.
Considering the ways in which SIS may be vulnerable, it is clear that risk assessments are required. The fundamental question that such an assessment must ask is not “how or why” a cyber attack happens, but instead, “When a cyber attack succeeds then what is the risk to personnel and the environment?”
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