Implementing ESG Sustainability Strategies and Practices

Jul 12, 2024

Supporting your Sustainable Efforts

As environmental protection, social standards, and robust corporate governance (ESG) guidelines are set to become mandatory, businesses of all sizes must proactively implement management systems that ensure regulatory compliance and help achieve sustainability goals.

How We Can Help
  • Target ESG expectations in your industry and selected markets
  • Determine your company strengths and identify risks to your sustainability goals
  • Increase resilience by implementing a PDCA cycle process for regular improvement
  • Better understand the ISO standards for systems managing your sustainability strategies

Acting Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Companies looking to strengthen resilience to ecological, social and economic crises around the world as well as bolster commitment to current reporting and compliance obligations must be able to effectively apply ESG guidelines and meet ISO standard requirements relevant to their business.
After careful analysis and consideration, corporate leaders should integrate efficient strategies and systems specifically devised to better manage sustainability efforts safeguarding a more robust and prosperous future.

Mastering Sustainable Business Strategies and Standards

Commanding a strong grasp of ESG principles, sustainability strategies and systems as well as the international standards affecting your industry is key to ensuring your ability to quickly and appropriately respond to any challenge. Companies adopting measures to support effective environmental protection, strong social responsibility and regulatory governance compliance will be on track to succeed in the new terrain of sustainable business throughout manufacture, supply and logistic chains. It is therefore crucial that those responsible understand the anatomy of the corporate governance guidelines, quality management best practices, ESG management systems and relevant ISO standards securing their transparent commitment to achieving sustainability goals.

Championing the New Business Landscape

With the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) urging further decarbonization, the pressure to develop targeted sustainability strategies and solid management systems is increasing. Companies with strong environmental policies, reliable cybersecurity, unwavering social responsibility, and proven regulatory compliance will be rewarded by consumers, investors, regulators, ESG rating agencies, and financial institutions. Ensure your company stands out as a leader in sustainability.
Our DEKRA experts help companies of all sizes and sectors understand the importance of nurturing sustainable business and adhering to transparent ESG principles as well as international standards relevant to their industry and particular circumstance.
Do you want to learn how your organization can benefit from adapting sustainable strategies and systems?


DEKRA is your trusted and competent partner for assessment and certification according to recognized ESG principles and established statutory regulations in line with your individual sustainability needs. Benefit from:
  • Our status as a recognized certification body,
  • An international network of experienced experts and
  • Our comprehensive support anytime and anywhere in the world.