Digital DEKRA solution for integrated safety coordination

Greater safety during shutdowns and turnarounds

Apr 04, 2022

DEKRA now offers a digital solution that increases safety during plant turnarounds and shutdowns. Built on the proven DEKRA Safety Platform, the tool helps coordinating critical safety activities and provides real-time performance data. So, the operator can stay in control throughout the turnaround and gets assets back into production more safely and efficiently.

Risk increases during turnarounds because they deviate from routines and often have intense time pressure. During a planned turnaround or an unplanned shutdown, many high-hazard tasks are done in parallel to maintain, repair, and refit the plant. The work is often performed by service providers. These professionals carry out nonroutine activities and use special equipment. This is compounded by a clear time and cost pressure, which can also make it more difficult to ensure occupational health and safety and more demanding to coordinate activities. These elements can put employees’ health and the overall success of the turnaround project at risk.
DEKRA’s safety experts have developed a Turnaround Safety solution within the cloud-based DEKRA Safety Platform, a flexible digital HSE ecosystem using mobile and web applications. This integrated expert software manages contractor onboarding, real-time submission of safety reports, step-by-step guided work site audits, work permits, dashboards with dynamic data drill downs, etc. It comprehensively examines hazards, authorizations, instructions, and critical events, significantly speeding up day-to-day safety processes. In addition, the system uses IoT interfaces to coordinate alarm systems and emergency measures.