Fire Protection Consulting

Protect workers and facilities with effective fire risk management and assessment

Fire can cause irreversible damage, and no organization is immune to its risks. Employers are, in fact, legally responsible for providing appropriate fire protections in the workplace, and insurers require provisions to be made for preventing and combatting fires in buildings and facilities.

Our fire protection consulting services provide answers to all your fire-related questions, carry out fire protection risk assessments, create customized fire safety action plans and offer support on-site. As a result, you and your employees are protected from the risks of fire and explosions at work.

Your Benefits

  • A thorough knowledge of your fire-related risks
  • A safer workplace through optimal fire protection solutions
  • Expert advice on meeting legal and insurance requirements

Our Approach

We have the technical capacity and expertise to fully assess the risk of fire and explosion in organizations of all types and sizes. With the help of simulation modeling we analyze potential damage, the speed of the conflagration, even the movement of people in cases of emergency. Equipped with this knowledge, we design effective fire safety management plans and fire protection measures tailored to your company’s buildings and activities.
With our fire safety checklist, you have a practical tool for self-assessment as well that can help protect against liability claims. Our fire protection specialists are ready to conduct fire protection risk assessments to determine and evaluate fire and explosion risks. To ensure that measures are carried out properly and that your workforce is well-informed about fire safety we deliver expert support on-site.


  • We deliver comprehensive fire protection consulting and services for every facet of fire safety.
  • We own the technical expertise with facilities and experts for fire simulation assessments.
  • We pursue high standards being trusted advisors known for our commitment to excellence.