Boost dealership sales through B2C sales. Develop “tailor made” events based on private sales for automotive dealerships to promote an increase in sales and run off stock.

"Private sales"  events at the automotive dealership.

Why do Events exist?

The events help to increase sales; bringing customers to dealers’ showrooms and enabling the update of the company’s client database, exploiting it to be used from then on with more accuracy. This will enable a new life cycle with these clients.

Your benefits:

  • Increase traffic in dealerships
  • Increase sales / turnover
  • Increase stock rotation
  • Increase and update customers data base

Our services cover:

  • Plan the event
  • Produce point of sale (POS) materials
  • Define the segmentation criteria of the customer database
  • Prepare appointments with the customers through our call center
  • Implement in the field
  • Brief the sales forces
  • Support during the event: receptionist
  • Satisfaction survey for the clients who attended the event
  • Final detailed report of the event


  • DEKRA’s understanding of distributors and dealership specificities.
  • DEKRA’s experience in organizing such events with various brands with significant success.
  • DEKRA’s call center has a proven high efficiency rate in taking the right people to these events resulting in high sales rates.
  • DEKRA’s vision of the mission: increase sales.

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