Environmental Assessments

Expert support for environmental impact assessments

Identifying and quantifying the risks a project may pose to the environment and analyzing its overall ecological impact are complex undertakings that require uncommon expertise. At the same time, consideration of possible consequences is desirable for many reasons, and environmental risk and impact assessments may be required before permits are issued or before important decisions are made.

Our consultants are specialists in environmental assessments with international experience who can provide reliable advice concerning legal obligations and regulations around the globe.
We also support the assessment process by guiding risk identification, measurement, prioritization and prevention efforts.
Understanding your project’s potential impact on the environment not only allows you to comply with regulatory requirements but also helps you plan and invest wisely and avoid costly mistakes.

Your Benefits

  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Efficient allocation of resources and informed decision-making
  • Access to expertise that ensures a streamlined process

Our Approach

Guided by the needs of our customers, our approach to environmental assessment is tailored to the type of project under consideration, the location and other specific factors that influence the scope and nature of the service. There are, however, five basic steps that provide a framework for environmental risk and impact assessments:
  • Hazard identification: Ask what could go wrong
  • Consequence analysis: Describe the harm that could result from these hazards
  • Risk evaluation and prevention: Determine the probability that things will go wrong and what precautions are most effective and efficient
  • Documentation and implementation: Record the results of the assessment and put preventive measures in place
  • Monitoring and review: Regularly revisit the assessment and update or adjust as needed
Some of the factors we pay special attention to when starting an environmental risk or impact assessment are those typically associated with environmental harm, such as:
  • Waste storage and disposal
  • Emissions
  • Hazardous substances
  • Liquid waste
  • Raw materials and their environmental impact
  • Packaging
In some cases and in some places there are minimum standards set by law in these areas.


  • We are highly regarded experts in environmental assessments.
  • We have a global reach and extensive knowledge of international environmental regulations.
  • We specialize in environmental risk assessments and environmental impact assessments.