Standardized Energy Consumption Measurement of Marine Engines

Test bench methodology to verify precise energy consumption measurement

Efficient and sustainable operation of diverse maritime vessels depends on the optimal performance of powerful engines consuming minimal amounts of fuel. DEKRA verifies the test bench methodology implemented when measuring the actual energy consumption of marine engines.

Your advantages of certified marine engine energy measurement accuracy
  • Create transparency through verified measurement technology
  • Standardize methodology for clear comparison of engine data
  • Identify potential for improvement through accurate measured values
Marine engine energy performance consumption

The DEKRA Product Specific Rules (PSR) define sustainability-relevant requirements for products and product-related management processes. The overarching goal of each DEKRA PSR is the continuous improvement of product development processes with regard to changing market requirements, more intensive cooperation along supply chains (B2B communication) and the transparent and verifiable documentation of the resulting product characteristics. Verification and declaration of the relevant test characteristics are conducted to support these objectives.

Measured break efficiency declared at certain load and engine speed is one of the most important contractual guaranteed values. Certified measurements increase customer trust in their engine supplier. Our regulations include certification of the implemented test bench measurement methodology and define minimum accuracy requirements for the measurement of specific energy consumption in addition to ISO 15550 and ISO 3046-1.
Audit process

1. Customer determination of the power range to be verified
2. Verify instrumentation data sheets and calibration certificates
3. Verify the test bench and its plant layout
4. Verify working procedures during energy consumption measurement
5. Issue the confirmation
Your trusted partner for energy consumption
  • We assess sustainable product quality taking into account the entire life cycle.
  • We offer a holistic approach to extended voluntary quality testing of your products.
  • We are candid and practical with many years of expertise in the field of fuel consumption measurement.