End of term contract management

Make the vehicle ready to sell at the best price by respecting contractual rules as quickly as possible.

End of term contract management

Why does End of term contract management exist?

To limit residual value losses and ensure the contractual enforcement.

Your benefits:

  • Vehicles ready for sale more quickly
  • A centralized service for all end-of-term operations
  • Risk management
  • Efficient and guaranteed service

Our services cover:

  • Buyback and residual value control and validation
  • Annex cost calculation and invoicing (mileage, refurbishment, missing elements, …)
  • Tax management


DEKRA is an expert in end-of-term contract management with close to 250 000 buyback transaction representing more than 5 billion € each year in Europe. DAS support is to be able to calculate and validate calculations, but also to explain calculations differences between stakeholders, and to prove in details method to apply. Thanks to returning forecast, one of DAS skills on this service is to alert, and act like a referee with renters. DAS strength, beyond years of experience, is its ability to provide an overview service or detailed service, what its competitor can’t do on the same remarketing value chain.


Stéphanie Gautier

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