DEKRA & TTC Partner for AI Safety, Security, and LEO Satellite Tech in Taiwan

Jan 29, 2024

Unveiling a Collaboration for Advanced Labs, Testing Standards, and Cybersecurity

DEKRA and TTC announce a collaboration to advance Taiwan's AI safety, security, and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technologies. The partnership aims to cover both public safety in Taiwan and the interests of the government and companies, emphasizing a comprehensive approach. This includes the establishment of an advanced AI safety and security lab, the development of testing standards, and a focus on talent cultivation and long-term cooperation to enhance Taiwan's AI safety and security testing capabilities. It also includes cybersecurity, covering semiconductors and cellular V2X (C-V2X). Additionally, the collaboration explores LEO satellites' security, AI, and RF connectivity aspects, marking a transformative step in shaping Taiwan's technological landscape.

"DEKRA is our long-term strategic partner. Both parties recognize the demand for security testing in global emerging technologies such as AI and LEO satellites that comply with industry and regulatory requirements. This collaboration will establish relevant testing labs in Taiwan and cultivate technical talent for the industry, aiming to become a solid support for Taiwan's digital transformation and industrial development." Tzong-Chen Wu, Chairman of Board of Directors of TTC stated.
"DEKRA is delighted about this extended partnership with TTC. It represents not just a collaboration but a shared vision for a safer and more secure technological future,” said Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA. “Our commitment extends beyond the establishment of laboratories and standards development; it's about building a resilient and innovative ecosystem that positions TTC and DEKRA at the forefront of AI and LEO satellite technology on a global scale."
AI Safety and Security Laboratory Establishment
To meet the increasing demand for robust AI safety and security solutions, DEKRA and TTC are collaboratively establishing a dedicated laboratory. This joint endeavor underscores their commitment to strengthening the security and reliability of AI technologies, contributing to the development of cutting-edge solutions aligned with global standards and enhancing Taiwan's AI safety and security competitiveness.
Testing Specification Development of AI Safety and Security
Recognizing the evolving technology landscape, the collaboration acknowledges the need for establishing testing specifications and methodologies in AI safety and security. This proactive effort addresses the industry's trend toward standardization and compliance with international benchmarks, ensuring that innovations align with industry standards and consistently meet the highest levels of safety and security.
Talent Cultivation in AI Safety and Security Testing
DEKRA and TTC are partnering to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in AI safety and security testing. Committed to long-term collaboration focused on talent cultivation and aligning with workforce development trends, the partnership actively improves Taiwan's AI safety and security testing capabilities, demonstrating dedication to regional expertise and global standards.
Cybersecurity Testing and Certification of Semiconductors and C-V2X
In response to escalating cybersecurity threats in semiconductors and C-V2X technologies, the collaboration focuses on enhancing testing and certification processes. This dedication aims to ensure robust cybersecurity measures, strengthening the resilience of C-V2X and semiconductors through rigorous testing and certification procedures.
Rubén Lirio Vera, Cybersecurity Global Director at DEKRA, added, "This collaboration with TTC is a significant step in addressing the complex cybersecurity challenges of today's digital age. By combining DEKRA's global expertise with TTC insights, we are setting new benchmarks in the cybersecurity industry. Our focus is not only on current threats but also on anticipating future challenges, ensuring technological infrastructure remains both cutting-edge and secure."
LEO Satellite Security
Amid the surging interest in LEO satellites and their pivotal role in diverse applications, DEKRA and the TTC are poised to investigate collaboration specifically in the realm of LEO satellites security. This strategic initiative aligns with the industry's escalating emphasis on reinforcing security measures in AI and RF connectivity, ensuring the overall integrity of systems within the LEO satellite domain.
The collaboration marks a significant milestone in the strategic partnership between DEKRA and the TTC. The parties aim to drive innovation, promote best practices, enhance safety and security testing and certification, and contribute to advancing technology and standards by aligning their efforts with emerging dynamics and leveraging their collective expertise.
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