Chemical analysis of automotive operating fluids
Chemical analysis of automotive operating fluids

Chemical analysis of automotive operating fluids

Fuel analyses and examinations of coolant and brake fluids.

The quality and suitability of used operating materials influence the functionality and lifespan of engines and motor vehicles. Our experts support you with chemical analyses during testing and quality assurance. In the event of damage, we also provide comprehensive testing and examinations.
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Optimizing Quality

By using the appropriate operating materials for your vehicles, you enhance their quality, lifespan, and functionality. Precise analyses and a deep understanding of the compositions and components of automotive operating materials are crucial for this.

Comprehensive analysis in an accredited laboratory

In the accredited DEKRA laboratory, our experts conduct chemical and physical analyses to determine the specific ingredients, material data, and impurities of such automotive operating materials. The scope of testing also includes material compatibility assessments and performance tests.
To identify the causes of damage on behalf of experts, insurers, and authorities, our specialists also perform expert special analyses.

Our testing and analytical services include:

  • Coolant/antifreeze (ASTM D3306, DEKRA Seal)
  • Flux residues from radiators (Flux residues)
  • Fuel analysis in cases of suspected contamination and misfuelling of gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and NOx-reduction agents (e.g., AdBlue®)
  • Fuels for emergency power systems (EPS): Diesel fuel DIN EN 590, heating oil DIN 51603-1 for standby generators
  • Engine oils and lubricants (damage investigations and contaminants)
  • Brake fluids (ISO 4925)
  • Material compatibility assessments and resistance tests

DEKRA - Partner to the Automotive Industry

  • Interdisciplinary testing spectrum covering chemical safety and material quality
  • DEKRA Automobil GmbH's DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratories in Germany located in Bretten, Halle, Saarbrucken, and Stuttgart
  • Global DEKRA laboratory network with numerous testing and certification capabilities
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