BPO Campaign Management and Contract Renewal

An exceptional customer journey from sales to contract renewal

Well-designed sales and after sales campaigns as well as efficient contract renewal processes add value to the customer journey while setting your brand apart from the competition. Our experts can help you attract and retain customers with strategies drawn from extensive industry experience.

For dealerships and distributor networks to thrive, every stage of the customer experience must be refined, from the first visit to contract renewal and post-warranty service. Our experts help you design effective campaigns that leverage your strengths and recognize opportunities to attract new business and retain customers. We show you how anticipating the end of existing leases can inspire loyalty and create opportunities for upgrades and build stronger partnerships.
As a trusted advisor to leaders in the field, we understand the automotive industry, its challenges and trends. We support you in creating a customer journey that highlights customer satisfaction and secures sustainable revenue for your company.

Your Benefits

  • Sales growth through active steering and channeling of products
  • Efficient processes for targeting and retaining potential customers
  • A reliable system for meeting customer needs and leveraging opportunity
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Our Approach

We know the value of well-designed sales and aftersales campaigns and contract renewal processes. They are important components in the customer journey and vital for the success of networks and dealerships. Our experts have the skills and experience to help you refine and customize these elements and take advantage of their potential.
Campaign Management
We work closely with our clients to design successful sales and aftersales campaigns that yield an appreciable Return on Investment (ROI). Our services include:
  • Analysis of potential customers and products
  • Identification of potential clients both within and beyond the current database
  • Design and implementation of the campaign, including call scripts, call center, etc.
  • Lead generation
  • Assessment of ROI based on pre-determined KPIs
We draw on our industry expertise and experience to design sales campaigns that tap into market trends and shifting consumer behavior without losing sight of the circumstances specific to each of our clients. The result is growth in sales figures, billable workshop hours and spare parts income for an exceptional ROI.
Contract Renewal
We know that taking the initiative with leasing contract renewal is a sure-fire strategy for retaining customers and maximizing revenue. Maintaining organized, up-to-date data, highlighting customer care and ensuring efficient communication requires planning and expertise, both of which our contract renewal specialists can provide. Our services include:
  • Verifying and organizing all relevant data: dealership data, customer contacts, renewal timing, model preferences, etc.
  • Seamless information transfers: communicating information to sales staff and monitoring the handling of client requests
  • Nurturing the customer relationship: prioritizing customer satisfaction
  • Creating and identifying opportunities: upgrades, lead management
  • Analyzing dealer results: recognizing strengths, addressing weaknesses


  • We are trusted advisors to auto industry leaders with a talent for identifying opportunity and cultivating strong customer relationships.
  • We have a broad portfolio of customer management offerings to complement our contract renewal services.
  • We specialize in creating optimized contract renewal plans and processes tailored to our clients’ needs and with an eye to maximizing leasing revenue.
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