Workshop and Stores Efficiency

Streamlining processes and optimized performance

Well-organized, smoothly functioning stores and workshops are crucial to the profitability of automakers’ distribution networks. The business of maintaining and repairing cars and fleets, however, is typically a high-pressure environment where every minute counts.

Our experts draw on extensive experience in the automotive industry to analyze and assess existing workflows and processes in order to optimize clients’ workshop and stores organization. We share our organizational strategies for ensuring, for example, the availability of spare parts so that technicians are able to meet deadlines consistently.
We can also show you how to plan workshop schedules around staff competencies and make the best use of space, equipment and personnel. With our guidance and support, you can not only improve customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line, but also attract, motivate and retain talented technicians.

Your Benefits

  • Exceptional workshop productivity
  • Optimized stores efficiency
  • Motivated technicians and support staff
  • A better understanding of performance through benchmarking

Our Approach

We understand the challenges workshop and stores staff in the automotive industry face and know how organizational elements can affect productivity and profitability within the network. Our services include:
  • Both qualitative (processes) and quantitative (KPIs) diagnostics
  • Determining a SMART action plan and target KPIs
  • Staff coaching for all team members, from service advisors to stores reps
  • Implementation of KPI-guided processes and workflows
  • Change management tools and assessments
Our specialists work closely with clients to understand existing systems and tailor recommendations to enhance productivity and profitability.


  • We are automotive industry experts aware of both the challenges of operating workshops and stores efficiently as well as workable solutions.
  • We have the experience and skills to help you prioritize customer service while increasing profitability.
  • We specialize in streamlining stores and workshop processes, optimizing their organization and maximizing their revenue potential.