Workshop & stores efficiency

Optimize the workshop and the store in the distribution network.

Coach the dealer with the help of the digital coaching solution NICE (New Intelligence Coaching Experience).
Workshop & stores efficiency

Why do Workshop & stores efficiency exist?

Carmakers want to ensure a level of profitability in their networks.
In the warehouse, the availability of the spare parts is crucial to meet the deadline given to the customer and optimize the efficiency, the productivity and the utilization.
In the workshop, the organization of the staff and the competencies are essential to ensure the right customer vehicle delivery and to achieve customer satisfaction and productivity.

Your benefits:

  • Enhance the workshop and store efficiency
  • Improve workshop and store organization
  • Benchmark the networks

Our services cover:

  • Analyzing of Workshop and store: qualitative (process) and quantitative (KPI’s)
  • Defining an action plan to improve the qualitative
  • Defining KPI’s target
  • Coaching the staff regarding the defined action plan
  • Following-up the KPIs
  • Presenting a final report with objective achieved


DEKRA will:

  • Provide ISO 17024 certified coaches
  • Design the program deployment
  • Perform thorough analyses and identify the areas of improvement with neutrality
  • Change management and improve customer satisfaction

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