Work Safety Due Diligence

Health and safety due diligence assessment that adheres to best practices

As it relates to workplace health and safety, a due diligence program refers to the precautionary steps a company takes to prevent incidents that could harm employees. When done properly, due diligence not only demonstrates that an organization has taken reasonable care to protect human health and safety, but also reduces incidents, thereby boosting in greater productivity and performance.
Our OHS due diligence services help you design, implement and refine your due diligence program in a way that reflects the realities of your organization. While basic elements such as well-defined OHS practices and procedures, documentation, education and monitoring must be included, we work with you to customize these components to suit your needs. Our Due Diligence assessments help during M&A activities in order to better understand the status and effectiveness of the health and safety management and to identify strength and weaknesses.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced liability through legal compliance and a top-notch due diligence system
  • A fresh perspective on your company’s current policies from experienced OHS specialists
  • Fewer incidents, lowered risks and reduced costs related to health and safety issues

Our Approach

Relying on your input and collaboration, our health and safety due diligence consultants help you plan, implement and maintain an effective due diligence program.
Primary components of an effective health and safety due diligence program must include:
  • Written OHS policies, practices and procedures: including workplace safety audits, hazard identification, workforce communication and more.
  • Workforce education: safety training relevant to your industry and circumstances.
  • Monitoring system: ensuring that employees are following written policies and procedures.
  • An incident report and investigation system: a reliable way to track accidents and near misses.
  • Documentation: evidence of all aspects of your due diligence program.


  • We are a team of OHS experts with extensive experience in a range of industries.
  • We have a strong track record partnering with industry leaders in OHS due diligence.
  • We specialize in customized health and safety due diligence programs.