Wind Power
Wind Energy

Focusing on Safety and Security from Planning to Dismantling

Wind Energy

Wind energy plants, whether on-shore or off-shore, have to be able to withstand the elements and reliably produce energy during their entire life cycle - up to or even exceeding twenty years. Downtime or accidents can pose serious problems to operators and workers. Thus, safety and security must be the focus every step of the way. In addition, the planning, construction, operation as well as the dismantling of such plants all require thorough and extensive authorization processes and licensing procedures. In all these matters, our DEKRA experts provide you with competent support to meet the requirements of a smooth process and safe operation.
Planning is the key factor for success, especially with demanding and complex projects like setting up and operating a wind energy plant. And there is a lot to take into consideration: safety concerns and potential risks, health and environmental considerations, material and equipment choices, cyber security as well as audit requirements and the management of the whole process. With DEKRA, you are covered: Our experts provide strategy and risk management support and coordination services, execute assessments concerning a wide range of aspects, and advise on environmental, health and safety topics. There is a lot to keep in mind during the planning stages - DEKRA helps you keep track of everything.
Construction & Procurement
About DEKRA’s Wind Energy Services
DEKRA offers a comprehensive service portfolio for wind energy plants that covers all phases along their life cycle: From initial assessments in the planning phase and extensive testing, monitoring, training and management support during construction and procurement to supporting ongoing processes and maintenance during the operation phase as well as health, safety and environmental (HSE) strategy and management and waste disposal instruction when the plant is finally dismantled -our experts always focus on maximum safety, security, and productivity.