Determining Readiness for Safety Innovation and Industry 4.0

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Digital technologies are driving operations into the Industry 4.0 era and present a unique turning point for safety. Digital technologies include any electronic tools, systems or devices that generate, store or process data. From enhancing visibility regarding risks, to enabling personalized intervention, to offering new ways to alert, inform, engage and influence our workforce, digital technologies are transforming how we protect our workers, minimize loss and increase profitability.

Yet, to yield the true potential of what digital transformation has to offer, organizations must be very intentional in their investments to equip and align their mindsets, skillsets and toolsets.
Simply implementing technology does not constitute successful safety innovation for Industry 4.0.
Through a focus on determining organizational readiness and preparing people for change, companies develop agility and resiliency in their efforts to save lives at work through the use of digital technologies.
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