Transferring Capabilities

Self-sufficiency in safety strategy development and implementation

Organizations invest time, resources and money into their efforts, working to develop a healthy, safe and reliable culture. Third party experts are often called on to facilitate in these situations, which can make improvements faster and more effective. Once the external assistance is finished, however, organizations tend to be ill-prepared to continue without well-arranged know-how transfer.

We work to ensure that your organization does not become reliant on us and that improvements in your safety culture are not dependent on our presence. To this end, we emphasize collaboration from the very beginning, combining our expertise with your specialized knowledge of your business and organization to create a safety strategy that is sustainable for your company.
With our help, you develop the ability to continually improve your organizational safety culture, reliability and quality through behavioral change in the long term.

Your Benefits

  • Expert guidance and support in establishing a robust safety culture
  • The capacity and know-how to implement safety improvement independently
  • A sustainable, self-sufficient strategy for transformational cultural change

Our Approach

To ensure your ability to effectively integrate a sustainable safety strategy, we start by identifying champions within your organization who are motivated to take on a leading role in the safety transformation. Once we have identified the champions, we give them the skills and knowledge to ensure they can continue to improve your organization’s safety culture successfully.
Champions attend a training workshop where the initial information is delivered. The workshop will be followed up with a mentoring program to shore up relevant skills. The content of the workshops and mentoring activities varies according to your needs. For example, champions can gain basic coaching skills by attending our Coaching for High Performance workshop. Another option is to train champions in facilitation skills, so they can assist with delivering workshops. Whatever the case, our mentors would then follow up with sessions aimed at developing those skills.
The process in both situations starts off with our people present every day. As time goes on, and the champions become confident in their skills, our mentors will spend less time on site. Ultimately, the champions become fully competent and confident, and our mentors can leave the implementation and further development of your safety strategy in the champions’ hands.


  • We are a leading expert in organizational safety and behavior dedicated to empowering organizations to implement sustainable change independently.
  • We have the tools to assess organizational culture and leadership and propose data-driven solutions in collaboration with our clients.
  • We specialize in transferring know-how so that companies can implement their own safety strategies and continuous improvement plans.