Testing and Certification for the North American Market

DEKRA is authorized to grant certification marks for electrical and electronic products in the United States and Canada

Electrical and electronics manufacturers can have their products tested and certified for the North American market smoothly by DEKRA. We are a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and an accredited Testing Organization and Certification Body by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). Our customers can request to have their products be certified for both the US and the Canadian markets at the same time.
The cDEKRAus Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.The combination of the DEKRA mark and the “C” and/or “US” identifiers signifies that DEKRA has certified a product for the Canadian and/or U.S. markets.


  • Deep experience: DEKRA has provided thousands of product certifications supporting global access to multiple countries including the North American Market.
  • Fast, tailored service: DEKRA offers an efficient certification process based on the recognition and acceptance of a wide array of previously tested components.
  • Global expertise with a personal touch: a single DEKRA expert will support you through the global certification route, maximizing convenience and efficiency during the entire process.

DEKRA scope

  • Information technology equipment
  • Laboratory and measurement equipment
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting
  • Explosion safety & industrial control
  • Household appliances & controls
For a detailed list of products under DEKRA's NRTL scope, please visit the regulators' websites for the United States and Canada .
In addition, DEKRA has decades of expertise in the North American certification market via a network of qualified partners. This network is still available for current and future certification needs.