Sustainable Sports

Comprehensive sustainability assessment for professional sports clubs

Sustainability is becoming a watchword in every facet of modern life, including the world of professional sports. Alongside industrial organizations, businesses and even individuals, pro sports clubs and teams leave an ecological footprint and must consider how their activities affect the planet.

We are tackling the issue of sustainability in professional sports through our partnership with the independent non-profit organization sustainable///sports. Our service includes a comprehensive sustainability analysis and assessment designed especially for professional sports clubs and in accordance with the standards developed by our partner, sustainable///sports.

Our certification allows clubs to document their sustainability standards to the outside world and to earn the sustainClub label.

Your benefits:

  • Integration of regulatory requirements and societal demands
  • A conscious and intentional use of resources as part of a circular economy
  • Compliance with national and international standards
  • Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined in 2016
  • Implementation of sustainability reporting in accordance with the Sustainability Code

Our approach:

Our sustainability assessment for professional sports clubs comprises the following steps:
1. Confirmation of your participation in sustainClub
To evaluate your sustainability, we need you to confirm your participation
2. Certification documents
Following step 1, we send you the necessary certification documents
3. Analysis and evaluation
Together with you, our experienced experts check the feasibility criteria
4. Examination/audit
Evaluation benchmarks are defined based on pilot clubs
5. Certification
Audit and certification of your professional sports club
6. Conferral of sustainClub certificate
After a successful audit, you receive the certificate
The sustainClub label communicates to fans, sponsors and other stakeholders that you are committed to reducing your ecological footprint, improving the sustainability of your business practices and ensuring transparency in order to build a sustainable future.
Gain from our expertise:
  • We are international experts working with customers around the globe.
  • We have many years of experience and knowledge in the field of sustainability.
  • We specialize in providing comprehensive services from a single source.