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Failure Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis of Electrical Failure and Lightning Protection

DEKRA is a leading global provider of electrical installation inspections and offers failure risk analyses of electrical installations, performed by specially authorized experts.

The benefits you get from our Failure Risk Analysis

  • Helps to prevent power failures

  • Ensures the reliable operation of facilities

  • Helps to correct disruptive malfunctions that degrade equipment

  • Demonstrably meets all standards and legal requirements

  • Fast and reliable service customized to meet your specific needs

  • Define the right PPE according to Arc Flash Risk assessment (NFPA 70)

Failure Risk Analysis

Failure Risk Analysis

DEKRA provides our customers with failure risk analysis services for electrical installations. Our electrical installation experts worldwide help to prevent power failures, ensuring the reliable operation of facilities.

The introduction of new international standards, together with increased awareness within the electricity industry, require that developers and operators of electrical installations carry out more thorough assessments and design studies to demonstrate safety compliance.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

An arc flash risk assessment is performed to determine the personal protective equipment (PPE) required for protecting the worker. The assessment is part of a complete electrical analysis required by OSHA, NFPA 70E and NFPA 70. It determines the incident energy to which a worker may be exposed to and how to protect the worker from the heat, light, and blast associated with an arc flash accident.

Risk Analysis of Lightning Protection

The lightning risk assessment is based on an evaluation of the risk of damage that may be caused to property and the public as a result of a lightning strike. It’s conducted in accordance with EN 62305-2 (“Lightning Protection - Part 2 Risk Assessment”). The purpose of the lightning risk assessment is to accurately define the property to be protected and to maintain the necessary levels of protection for the installations and the continuing compliance with our technical study.

DEKRA’s solutions, proposals and our independent positioning of manufacturers or installers guarantee that our customers obtain the best technical and economical choice.

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